I have been training back flow testers since 1985 and it is time to semi-retire.
I will no longer teach the  ASSE Cross Connection Classes.
We will continue with gauge calibration, repair and building.
I thank the thousands of student I have met over the last 30 years and It has been fun while it lasted but refinements and changes in regulations and has stopped it being fun anymore.
I look forward to continuing corresponds through the gauge sales, building and calibration.

We still calibrate with a murcury over water Manometer, there is no contact between the two.

A new line of  electronic five valve gauge is available and we will be capable of calibrating and full repair, with many parts in stock.

Our original five valve mechanical gauge made since 1998, with many that old still being used.   We still maintain parts in stock and can supply new gauges of  this style.

View the site see what is still old a n new Items available such as hoses with filters.

Hopefully new pages will be added regularly,  If you have mor Information brfore the site is complete please call,